Java Spring Boot

Java Spring Boot

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1. Spring Boot Starter:

  • The core module that provides the basic functionalities needed to start a Spring Boot application.
  • Includes auto-configuration, logging, property loading, and more.

2. Spring Boot Web Starter:

  • Enables building web applications and RESTful services using Spring MVC.
  • Includes embedded web server configurations and HTTP message converters.

3. Spring Boot Data Starter:

  • Provides support for working with databases and data access.
  • Includes modules for JDBC, JPA (Java Persistence API), and other data-related technologies.

4. Spring Boot Security Starter:

  • Adds security features to your application, including authentication, authorization, and protection against common security vulnerabilities.

5. Spring Boot Test Starter:

  • Includes testing dependencies like JUnit, TestNG, and Spring Test for writing unit and integration tests.

6. Spring Boot Actuator:

  • Offers production-ready features for monitoring and managing applications.
  • Provides insights into application metrics, health checks, and environment details.

7. Spring Boot DevTools:

  • Includes tools that enhance developer productivity, such as automatic application restart, browser live reload, and more.

8. Spring Boot Cloud Starter:

  • Integrates Spring Boot applications with Spring Cloud to build cloud-native microservices.
  • Enables service discovery, load balancing, distributed configuration, and more.

9. Spring Boot Data REST:

  • Creates RESTful APIs automatically based on JPA repositories.
  • Simplifies exposing CRUD operations over HTTP for data entities.

10. Spring Boot Actuator: - Provides various production-ready features for monitoring and managing applications in a production environment. - Includes endpoints for health checks, metrics, tracing, and more.

11. Spring Boot Batch: - Enables batch processing using Spring Batch. - Supports processing of large volumes of data with features like chunking and job scheduling.

12. Spring Boot Messaging: - Provides support for messaging systems like Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, and JMS (Java Message Service).

13. Spring Boot Integration: - Integrates Spring Boot applications with external systems using various connectors and adapters.

14. Spring Boot Actuator: - Adds endpoints to monitor and manage your application at runtime. - Provides insights into health, metrics, and environment properties.

15. Spring Boot Security: - Offers security features, including authentication and authorization, to secure your application's endpoints.

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